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by NPRE ILLINOIS, Dept. of Nuclear, Plasma & Radiological Engineering


Martin Luther King, Jr.'s

address to the Illinois AFL-CIO

In celebration of

Martin Luther King, Jr.

we have reprinted in its entirety

his address to the 8th annual convention of the Illinois AFL-CIO

on October 7, 1965. 

You can read it by clicking here.









The Illinois AFL-CIO represents nearly 900,000 union members and is the voice of all working families in the state. Our power lies with the many and diverse people we represent in a multitude of workplaces and in our ability to affect change.

The State Federation helps improve the lives of working men and women by promoting the rights of workers to join a union and by making sure their voices are heard at the state capitol. In addition to a full-time presence in Springfield fighting for strong labor laws, the Illinois AFL-CIO also helps shape political dialog around issues that affect workers. We work with members at election time to register voters and educate them on issues and candidates records.

The State Federation maintains a strong working relationship with the media, issues a weekly update during the legislative session and maintains an up-to-date Web site. The Illinois AFL-CIO and the National AFL-CIO hold training sessions for affiliated unions on topics such as organizing, understanding labor law, political involvement, and local union financial reporting.

The Illinois AFL-CIO is very active at the grassroots level. The Illinois AFL-CIO works with community service liaisons on hundreds of community projects that help achieve dignity and respect for all workers.


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