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Central Labor Councils

With nearly one million union members in the state, the Illinois Central Labor Councils are ready for action when it comes to standing up for working family issues.  Through a network of 22 Councils representing local unions in their communities they are clearly connected with the issues & concerns of their members.
Through grassroots organizing the CLCs work within their local communities to ensure that working people, both union and non-union, are represented.  
Local Action
While all CLCs differ in size and resources and their programs vary from area to area they help ensure progress by maintaining standing committees to develop programs tailored around local issues.

By uniting the labor movement and mobilizing the local community around issues that are important to working families, the CLC plays a critical role in local, state, and national issues.   They are “where the action is” on political campaigns and Get Out The Vote efforts.

The Voice of Labor

Central Labor Councils are the voice of labor in local communities.  They work with local unions to build solidarity and promote the following:
  • Membership Communication
  • Educational Forums
  • Local Union Support
  • Community Coalitions
  • Activist Recruitment
  • Organizing
  • Rallies and Events
  • Community Service Projects
  • Get Out The Vote
  • Political Activities 
  • Issue Campaigns
  • Labor Day Parades
  • Union Member Recognition
#1 - bloomington-normal trades & Labor assembly
Adam Heenan, Vice President
# 2 - Champaign co. afl-cio  _________________________
Matt Kelly, President
#3 - Chicago federation of labor __________________________   
Bob Reiter, President
#4 - decatur trades & Labor assembly, AFL-CIO
Lamarcus Williams, President
#5 - elgin trades council _____________________
Ed Hanson, President
#6 - Galesburg trades and labor assembly, afl-cio
Randall Bryan, President
#7 - greater madison county federation of labor
B. Dean Webb, President
#8 - illinois valley federation of labor, afl-cio
Dan Mercer, President
#9 - kankakee federation of labor, AFL-CIO
Mike Smith, President
#10 - mideastrn illinois labor council
Dan Kimball, President
Call for Information
#11 - North central illinois labor council 
Bill Habel, President
#12 - northeastern illinois         afl-cio
Patrick Statter, President
#13 - northwest illinois central labor council
David Fellenzer, Treasurer
#14 - quad-cities federation of labor 
Dan Gosa, President
#15 - rockford united labor ________________________
Sara Dorner, President
#16 - southern illinois central labor council
Steve Hughart, President
#17 - southwestern illinois central labor council
Scot Luchtefeld, President
#18 - springfield and central IL trades  & labor council
Diana Carlile, President
#19 - vermilion county federation of labor 
Oscar Williams, President
#20 - west central illinois labor council 
Tom McLaughlin, President
#21 - western trades & labor assembly 
Steve Marold, President
Call for Information
#22 - will & grundy Counties  trades & Labor council
Mark Leasure, President

For more information contact Illinois AFL-CIO Resource Director - Amy Rueff at 217-492-2633