Illinois AFL-CIO 44th Constitutional Convention
The following Resolutions were adopted at the Illinois AFL-CIO 44th Constitutional Convention - 07/29/20

  1. Reaffirmation of Our Commitment to Fight for Racial Justice 
  2. Admonishing Precision Scheduled Railroading (PSR)
  3. Safely Reopen Large Trade Shows, Concerts and other Musical and Theatrical Performances 
  4. Mobilize Labor to Defend Against Hate Organizations
  5. Support for Women’s Health and Women’s Inclusion in Healthcare Decisions 
  6. Opposing Automation of Retail Jobs and Move Toward a Cashless Economy 
  7. Leading from Within:  Committing to Equity and Inclusivity 
  8. Advocate for Passage of a Fair Tax in Illinois 
  9. Supporting Quality Union Jobs in a Legalized Recreational Cannabis Program 
  10. Support Union Sportsman’s Alliance 
  11. Support Prevailing Wage and Misclassification Enforcement 
  12. Honoring Margaret Blackshere 
  13. Honoring Ron Powell 
  14. Work Shouldn’t Hurt:  Workplace Safety for All
  15. Supporting Passage of Fair Workweek Laws 
  16. Clean Energy Jobs 
  17. Ending Misclassification of Gig Workers and Independent Contractors and Granting them Union Rights
  18. Hazardous Workplace 
  19. Demand the Release of Children in ICE Detention Centers
  21. Diversity in the Building Trades and All of Labor
  22. Support Capital Construction on an Annual Basis 
  23. Encourage Full Affiliation 
  24. Protecting Essential Transportation Employees in the Workplace 
  25. Support the Appointment and Confirmation of Illinois AFL-CIO Members to Boards and Commissions 
  26. Support Labor 2020 
  27. Support Greater Access, Inclusion in Voting 
  28. Supporting Paid Family and Medical Leave in Illinois and America 
  29. Union Busting Executive Orders 
  30. Supporting Earned Sick Leave in Illinois 
  31. Affordable Housing 
  32. Juneteenth 
  33. Climate Jobs 

Memorial Resolutions