Illinois AFL-CIO 44th Constitutional Convention
Illinois AFL-CIO Executive Board Report
 President Tim Drea (on right) and 
Secretary Treasurer Pat Devaney (on left)

Illinois AFL-CIO Election

President Tim Drea (UFCW 881) and Secretary Treasurer Pat Devaney (IAFF 1260) were elected on July 28, 2020 at the 44th Constitutional Convention of the Illinois AFL-CIO.  

Additionally, Illinois AFL-CIO Vice-Presidents and the Credentials Committee were elected.  

Speaker Resources
Posting of Colors by the Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois Honor Guard (7/28/20)
National Anthem sung by Katherine Lee Bournett, Actors Equity Association (7/28/20)
Essential Workers Tribute:  "A tribute to all the workers who've endured incredible hardships over the last five months and commemorate the safety net they've created for our entire society."
Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.:  "To commemorate the anniversary of Dr. King's address to the IL AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention on October 7, 1965 - our executive board joined some special friends to read excerpts from the speech to demonstrate a renewed commitment to Dr. King's dream of racial equality"
Memorial Resolutions of the Illinois AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention
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