Illinois AFL-CIO News Updates:

News Update 5/01/20 

  1. Reaffirmation of Our Commitment to Fight for Racial Justice - adopted
  2. Admonishing Precision Scheduled Railroading (PSR) - adopted
  3. Safely Reopen Large Trade Shows, Concerts and other Musical and Theatrical Performances - adopted
  4. Mobilize Labor to Defend Against Hate Organizations - adopted
  5. Support for Women’s Health and Women’s Inclusion in Healthcare Decisions - adopted
  6. Opposing Automation of Retail Jobs and Move Toward a Cashless Economy - adopted
  7. Leading from Within:  Committing to Equity and Inclusivity - adopted
  8. Advocate for Passage of a Fair Tax in Illinois - adopted
  9. Supporting Quality Union Jobs in a Legalized Recreational Cannabis Program - adopted
  10. Support Union Sportsman’s Alliance - adopted
  11. Support Prevailing Wage and Misclassification Enforcement - adopted
  12. Honoring Margaret Blackshere - adopted
  13. Honoring Ron Powell - adopted
  14. Work Shouldn’t Hurt:  Workplace Safety for All - adopted
  15. Supporting Passage of Fair Workweek Laws - adopted
  16. Clean Energy Jobs - adopted
  17. Ending Misclassification of Gig Workers and Independent Contractors and Granting them Union Rights - adopted
  18. Hazardous Workplace - adopted
  19. Demand the Release of Children in ICE Detention Centers - adopted
  20. Held in executive committee
  21. Diversity in the Building Trades and All of Labor - adopted
  22. Support Capital Construction on an Annual Basis - adopted
  23. Encourage Full Affiliation - adopted
  24. Protecting Essential Transportation Employees in the Workplace - adopted
  25. Support the Appointment and Confirmation of Illinois AFL-CIO Members to Boards and Commissions - adopted
  26. Support Labor 2020 - adopted
  27. Support Greater Access, Inclusion in Voting - adopted
  28. Supporting Paid Family and Medical Leave in Illinois and America - adopted
  29. Union Busting Executive Orders - adopted
  30. Supporting Earned Sick Leave in Illinois - adopted
  31. Affordable Housing - adopted
  32. Juneteenth - adopted
  33. Climate Jobs - adopted

The speech, in substance, delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Civil Rights Leader from Atlanta, GA, to delegates at the 8th Annual Convention of the Illinois State AFL-CIO, in Springfield, IL, October 4-7, 1965.

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