Illinois AFL-CIO News Updates:

  • Workers Score Huge Legislative Wins
  • Endorse Labor-Supported Fair Tax Today
  • Mendoza-backed Rule Change Protects Prevailing Wage
  • Metro-East Unions provide "snacks-to-go" to Hospital Workers

  • Conservative Judge Rules to Protect Profits over People in Workers' Compensation Case
  • State Federation Addresses COVID-19
  • Durbin/Duckworth Meet with Illinois AFL-CIO Board
  • Labor 2020 Moves Forward, Zone Meetings Held
  • Illinois AFL-CIO 44th Constitutional Convention Call mailed
  • COVID-19 Adds to Importance of Workers Memorial Day

  • National AFL-CIO announces endorsement for President
  • The speech, in substance, delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Civil Rights Leader from Atlanta, GA, to delegates at the 8th Annual Convention of the Illinois State AFL-CIO, in Springfield, IL, October 4-7, 1965.

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